Examples of Small and Medium-sized companies with successful websites

Web Devices like Smartphone, Laptop and Tablet

Building that perfect website is not a science, but it may be challenging for a small and medium business to create a professional website that will attract as well as retain an audience including those local customers. Every business should have a website in order to stay in the game and move in the right direction. A website is necessary for every business owner who aims toward establishing and running a successful business both small and medium-sized. In order to make their website stand out, business owners commonly turn to professionals in order to create and manage their website that reflects a true picture of their business. They turn to professional in order to refine their website in those few key ways in order to present their products and services in the best way to their online clientele. A successful website needs a quality content and clear vision of the targeted audience. A successful website also should be based on a keyword algorithm in order to rank search results and information provided in a clean and readable manner.

“You can’t just open a website and expect people to flood in. If you really want to succeed you have to create traffic.”
Joel Anderson, CEO of Walmart

A Website Should Reflect Business Goals in the Right Way

A website should reflect business goals in the right way. It should integrate exciting and attractive design solutions that are the best for company’s brand and name. There are many bright examples of small businesses with successful websites that perfectly illustrate how a successful website in small business niche should be presented to their local audiences. We have to mention a freelancer Robin Mastromarino’s website. He has an attractive personal website perfectly portraying his professional level and his abilities. He also presented his work portfolio that is an essential part of every website. Robin on his website also adds up to the overall visitor’s experience as he added interesting image portfolio alongside special effects. Another bright example of small business and its successful website is Gitman Bros. company. The company is a made-to-order shirt and tie shop selling their products online to both local and international customers. It is a great example of a small family business with traditions and long heritage with a successful website that sells quality products. The guys have created a convenient and modern online store while keeping the company’s spirit alive. Another great example of successful small business in Edita’s Casting company. It is a family-owned casting agency with an amazing website that perfectly portrays their service. The company was able to give the audience that right impression of their services and products. An interior designer Sergey Makhno has also gone digital. His website is a perfect display of a successful interior design website that is nothing like the competition.

The 3 main types of websites

Medium-Size Companies with Successful Websites

There are many bright examples of medium-sized companies that have successful website attracting those national audiences with their services and products. For instance, a home and auto insurance company with slightly less than thousand employers, Acuity company has a successful website perfectly displaying its services. The company is an award-winning business and personal insurance provider founded in 1925. Another great example of medium-size business is Riot Company. The video game developer hosts several local competitions while attracting an audience by its interactive and beautiful website. We also have to mention a medium-size company located in New York City, Return Path. It is an email software development company providing many services like stock option grants and other. The company has around three hundred employers and professional web designers keeping its website beautifully designed and up-to-date. Pinnacle Financial Partners is another medium-sized company with professional web designer working on maintaining its website in order to keep their audience informed all the time. The company is located in Nashville and has around eight hundred employees. Assurance Agency company with slightly less than three hundred employees is another bright example of a medium-size business with a successful website. It is an insurance broker that was invited to run a 5K last year. A medium-size company located in Tysons Corner, CustomInk is one of the most prominent companies at online T-shirt design. The company attracts both local and international audience as their website perfectly displays its services and products, so today many people wear CustomInk T-shirts.