Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is very common practice of increasing both the quality and quantity of traffic to websites through some organic search engine results. It is the process of getting more traffic from the organic in addition to free, editorial or sometimes natural search results of search engines. All major search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing have those primary search results where content wile web pages are shown and then ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to customers. In order to better understand what SEO really means, the sentence from the above should be broken down into three parts including organic results, quality of traffic and quantity of traffic. Quality of traffic is used in order to attract visitors from all over the world. The quantity of traffic is having more users coming regularly on websites. Having more users meaning the quantity of traffic is better. Organic results are ads that make up a significant part of every SERP. Organic traffic, in fact, is any traffic customers don’t have to pay for with ads. There are over 200 factors that influence where a website ranks, but in general Google recommends having great web design and improving the user experience.

How SEO Works

You can think of a search engine as a certain website you visit by typing or speaking into a search box at Yahoo, Google or whatever search engine you use. Then search engine magically replies you with a long list of different links of websites, which could potentially answer your questions. Google, as well as any other search engine you may use, has a crawler that goes out and then gathers information about the content that can be found on the Internets. Then the crawlers bring those firsts and zeros back to the search engine in order to build an index. That index is further fed to a certain algorithm, which tries to match all gathered data with users’ query.

“SEO is all about user experience and presentation. We often forget who is our eventual visitor, it’s not google, it’s your visitor, it’s your user, make him happy, Google will make you happy. Remember, SEO strategies come and go but this one is going to stay!”

Ali Raza, Google & Microsoft Advertising Professional

Ranking Factors in Google

There are many factors which go into a particular search engine’s algorithms like page-level link features, domain-level and link authority features, domain level keyword usage and other. Ranked by their importance the main factor is domain-level and link authority feature. It is both a quantity of link to the domain and a quality of links to the domain. The domain-level feature is closely followed by another important factor, page-level link feature. It is a quantity of links, quality of link sources, anchor text distributions and other. The third factor is page-level keywords and content features including topic-modeling scores on content, content relevance, and content quantity. These three main factors are followed by page-level and keyword agnostic features including readability, content lengths and uniqueness. The following factor is domain-level brand features including offline usage of domain name and brand or domain mentions in media, press, entity association and other. A domain-level brand feature is followed by usage and traffic or query data including usage signals from clickstream, browsers, and diversity of queries. The following factor is social metric including quantity or quality of tweeted links, Facebook shares and other. Domain level keyword usage in next factor including exact-match of keywords domains alongside partial-keyword matches. The last factor taken into account in Google is domain-level keyword agnostic feature including domain name lengths, TLD extension and domain HTTP response time.

The Importance of SEO for Businesses

SEO is one of the most misinterpreted and misunderstood terms in the overall world of marketing. SEO has been devalued over the past decade by many savvy business people. However, SEO is a great marketing plan for a small, middle and larges business. It is a very viable marketing tool, which can bring businesses to more qualified customers and leads. Recent studies have shown that SEO commonly has better opportunities than those traditional marketing tools and forms like print ads and TV. SEO is not magic, but it provides many business benefits like web traffic, credibility, a business visibility, branding and better insight into customer behavior.

Rank first in Google and Bing

Improving Branding and Business Visibility

When people search for your service or products, you want to appear high in their search engine rankings. You want them to click through your website. There is a particular amount of value in appearing high in search results and this value is directly related to businesses. Most searchers don’t just search once and click on a website. Instead, they search and click through several highly positioned websites, edit their initial search terms and then click on other websites and search again. For any business, this means business owners have an opportunity to continually show in those search results while at the same time gaining more mindshare with their potential customers. Chances are good that potential customers will eventually end up on their websites when a business is continually displayed in customers’ search results. Eventually, customers trust more those continually appearing websites. This greatly speaks of the importance of SEO for branding and business visibility.

Providing Business Credibility and Bringing Business Traffic

SEO also helps businesses to bring business traffic and reach better business credibility. Searches, in fact, make those mental notes of the search engine rankings for those terms they enter into search engines they use. In the minds of customers, a business ranking, in fact, is a vote of confidences as if Google says a business is relevant as it appears high in search results. In fact, high search ranking makes a business more credible in customers’ eyes. SEO also bring businesses greater business traffic. Even though traffic is not bringing any money, it is important in reaching better business opportunities. Anyone would rather be placed high on search rankings as that leads towards better business opportunities. Having great business traffic means is a step closer to gaining better business credibility. Sure, business owners still have to work hard and put their best efforts in order to sell their services or products to customers. However, it is much better to do business on some crowded street than on a deserted island. SEO also has one of the best roles in advertising while giving businesses that unmatched insight into their customers.