Types of websites

Web Devices like Smartphone, Laptop and Tablet

Websites originally were purely informational. Before the World Wide Web was opened to the public, research institutions and government agencies were able to make valuable information available to them only via text websites. However, since the World Wide Web was introduced to the public, there are many different types of websites like blogs, community building websites, informational websites and many others. These days, creating a website is very easy if you have that right person or organization that will design and run a website for you. Having a website helps companies and businesses to achieve more by selling their business ideas online. Both small and corporate businesses have that advantage of choosing their type of website, which is suitable for their niche. Types of websites like personal, photo sharing and writers websites have little to do with businesses and companies while blogging sites are trending now. Websites like community building websites, mobile devices websites, informational websites and online business catalog or brochure greatly help small and medium sized businesses and companies in attracting their potential customers and keeping their regular customers.

“Because of the increased use of social media on smartphones and social media’s involvement in retail sales, “social selling” has become red hot. Anyone hoping to improve their online sales success must take advantage of emerging trends.”

Eddie Machaalani, co-founder and co-CEO at Bigcommerce

Personal, Photo Sharing and Writers Websites

Your domain registrar or Internet service provider offers you an opportunity of creating your personal online space. You can create your website that might include stuff like your personal diary and your personal family photos. This type of website is very useful for teenagers, families, and grandparents in order to stay in touch with each other. However, this type of website if not suitable for a business since URL is not a search engine friendly. It is not suitable for business since personal websites come with the limited server capabilities that are not sophisticated enough for a business website. The most popular photo sharing websites are Google’s Picasa, Photosite.com, and Flickr.com. These websites offer free pictures. Today, there are hundreds of photo sharing websites services like photo sharing paid for online advertising. Writers of authors websites are part of what is known as Author’s Platform in the broad publishing business. The platform commonly includes a blog, Twitter account, a Facebook presence, the mailing list and more. Many publishers ask a prospective client about their Author’s platform before deciding to work with them. A writers website commonly include information like a catalog of published books, a biography and similar.

Community Building Websites

Community building websites include forum websites, social websites and sharing websites introduced for people who want to interact with other people that share their interests. The most popular community building website is Facebook.com. For discussing and sharing a mutual interest, there are forum websites that may be a great source of valuable information. These forum websites can help a business owner in order to gain a valuable perspective into his or her targeted audience.

Mobile Device Websites

The use of portable devices like tablets, smart watches, and smartphones has become ubiquitous, However, the problem with those standards website is they are difficult to view and navigate using your portable devices. They also commonly take a longer time to download the source with portable devices’ wireless connections and small screens. Websites whose pages are standardized for mobile devices have narrower pages and take up less bandwidth work. These websites are mobile devices friendly using a new domain designation named .mobi. Many companies in recent time decide to create their mobile-friendly websites as a way of attracting more customers.

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Blogging and Informational Websites

People decided to take the words Web Logs and then shorten it to just blogs. Blogging websites are online journals, editorials and online diaries. A blog owner log-on on regular basis and write whatever is going on in their business or lives. Blog owners also may use their online space in order to comment news and politics. Everyone can afford an online space and allow their thoughts to be read by people online having access to the Internet. One of the most popular informational websites is Wikipedia.org. Wikipedia is a unique online encyclopedia allowing its members to contribute to its content and edit articles. The informational website may be of great importance for both small and large companies as it can attract customers and help people. Companies commonly in addition to having an informational site also add an additional feature like photo sharing and e-commerce.

Online Business Brochure Websites

These days, we can cast a large net while reaching millions of worldwide people with a just single website that is an online brochure. Companies create their online brochure in order to show those international audiences their services and products. Online brochure websites are always accompanied with attractive pictures perfectly displaying businesses’ services and product while revealing enough information about a business.

Directory and E-Commerce Websites

Directories are commonly dedicated to a particular topic like politics, geographical areas and other. Search engines like Yahoo.com and Google.com can be considered as directories, but as their databases are extremely large, so rather than searching content alphabetically, people enter a search term in the provided search field. Ranking, depending on the niche, can be extremely hard so people consider integrating Search engine optimization of their websites. One of the most popular e-commerce websites is Amazon.com. However, in order to sell your products or services online, you don’t have to have Amazon-like website. There are many small and medium companies using their e-commerce websites In order to sell their products over the Internets. Anything can be sold online working on almost the same principle as in brick and mortar stores. However, selling products online comes with much less overhead.