What is web design?

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Web design encompasses various skills and disciplines in the creation and maintenance of websites. There are different areas of web design all closely related like web graphic design, proprietary software, interface design, user experience design, authoring and search engine optimization. Many individuals work in teams covering different aspects of the web design process. However, there are web designers who are able to cover all these areas by themselves working alone. The term web design is commonly used in order to describe the web design process mainly related to the front-end users or clients. Web design also partially overlaps other fields like web engineering and even the broader scope of many fields of web development. All web designers are expected to have a great awareness of usability as their main roles include creating mark up. Web designers are also expected to be always up to date with the broad web accessibility guidelines.

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History of Web Design

Even though the field of web design has a fairly recent history, there are some areas like graphic design closely related to web design. Web design also can be seen from another technological standpoint as it soon enough became a great part of our everyday lives. Today, it is quite impossible to imagine our lives without different styles of topography, music, animated graphics and background which is all covered in web design process. During 1991 to 1993 the World Wide Web was introduced which also paved the introduction of web design. In 1993 Eric Bina and Marc Andreessen created the first Mosaic browser. Back at that time, there were multiple browsers, but a majority of them was naturally texting heavy and Unix-based. There have been no advanced elements and no integrated approach to various graphic design elements such as sounds and images. Then in 1996, Microsoft released the very first competitive browser with its own tags and features. It was the first browser that supported style sheets. Since the starts of the 21st century, the World Wide Web has become integrated into our lives, so technology also has moved on which led to the development of web design.

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Web Design Basics

A web designer uses many different tools mainly depending on which part of the web production process they work on. These commonly used tools are regularly updated introducing some new software and standards, but the main principles behind creating websites remain the same. A web designer uses both raster and vector graphics editors in order to create those web-formatted imageries and design prototypes. Various techniques are used in order to create a website like most common W3C standards like CSS and HTML that are generated using WYSIWYG editing software. Other tools commonly used include mark up validators and different testing tools for accessibility and usability that ensure web designers their websites meet standard web accessibility guidelines.

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