Why do some companies need an app?

Every business or company these days need a mobile app for numerous reasons. The main reason for introducing company's mobile app is in order to increase sales. Having a mobile app also helps business owners becoming leaders in their industries while not being left behind. Recent studies have shown that mobile searches out-numbered that traditional Google searches on a desktop in ten countries including the United States. This resulted in mobile commerce to start growing rapidly and many businesses both small and large decided to follow this latest mobile trend and introduce their mobile apps. These days not having a website which is mobile friendly, in fact, means kissing your customers goodbye. It is very hard to stay in the game as the competition is growing stronger every day. Therefore, businesses need to devote to creating their user-friendly website and mobile apps specifically tailored for use on smartphones and tablets. If a business or company failed to follow this latest mobile trend and this golden rule, its competitors will take over the industry in no time and left a business without a mobile app behind. That is why the demand for companies offering mobile app development as well as websites is so high in recent years.

“Global internet users are set for explosive growth over the coming years - the majority of them will be mobile.”
Ranan Skehill, Cauwill Technologies

Benefits of Having a Mobile App

These days people use their tablets and smartphones to browse the Internet, in addition, using their devices to download mobile apps. Recent studies conducted by Yahoo have shown that around ninety percent of people's time spent on their smartphones is spent utilizing mobile apps. It is equally important to have company's website that is mobile-friendly and to have a mobile app as they are many benefits for businesses. Mobile apps these days are the next mobile websites and in order to stay relevant and in the game, every business and company needs one. Everyone in the industry is doing it, and no company or business want to be left behind. Recent studies have shown around forty-two percent of small businesses have already created their mobile apps and this trend has been rapidly increasing in the past two years. Having a website greatly increases sales. If a company builds a mobile app which makes the overall buying experience easier, customers will love it which leads to increase in sales. Having a website also helps business owners in order to become leaders in their industries. Introducing a mobile app can greatly help business or company in order to stand out from its competition, especially if a company is the first in its industry to introduce one. Investing in innovation is always good regardless of what kind of business.

Even SMEs can benefit from apps

Providing a Superior User Experience

Having a mobile app greatly helps companies and businesses in order to provide a superior user experience. A mobile app seamlessly guides customers where they want to go and towards what they want to do while they have that more personalized experience. Benefits of superior user experience include more positive reviews, more followers on social media accounts, a greater number of brand loyalists and more repeat customers. Having a mobile app also helps business in enhancing communication with its customers and users. A mobile app provides that direct communication channel to users. Push notifications easily inform customers and users about new services and products, upcoming promotion and events and more. A business or company that has a mobile app makes the purchase process easier. An integrated electronic payment system streamlines checkout while making it way easier for users to buy products while at the same time minimizing customer service staff. Having a mobile app also allows businesses' customers to easily access to rewards or loyalty programs which encourage those repeat customers. Users could use rewards and loyalty program accessed from their smartphones in order to monitor their points and rewards. Having a mobile app that features this program greatly increases the number of people using company's products and services.

Helping Companies Towards Building a Stronger Brand

Mobile apps are easily-accessible while constantly reminding customers and users of a certain brand as it can be seen on their mobile screens. Having a mobile app greatly helps business in order to build a stronger brand and gain recognition while promoting social integration and increasing customer engagement. Having a mobile app greatly maximizes overall customer engagement with a brand and allows customers to easily connect with business or company on social media. Having a mobile app also opens that great doors for the next technological trend. In order to stay in the game and ahead of the competition, a company should follow latest trends and stay-up-to-date with the latest technology both internally and externally.